Good Luck for a Good Life

I have been in training for the Good Life Victoria Half Marathon, I am training with the end goal of two hours or faster. I would love to sub two hours, my PR is at 2.10 on a very hilly half. This has been feeling like a challenging yet obtainable goal.

Until Monday’s run when a few minuets in to the run I had to stop in extreme pain, I tried to walk it off but no luck. I decided to finish my 45 mins of scheduled running on the elliptical. Got home and hoped some ice, heat, massage, Advil and arnica would have me back to normal. No Luck!

Tuesdays run was a disaster, right away horrible pain and burning on the injured foot. Ended up walking home. Decided to call the Physio Therapist and made an appointment Thursday.

Wednesday, didn’t even try to run as walking was still painful. Decided on going kayaking .

Thursday, got to see the Physio! Was so nervous I would have a goal ending injury, lucky for me it is just an inflamed ligament. Wahoo! Called this a rest day, left Physio with a taped foot but feeling good.


Friday, did a half hour slow run with some mild pain.

Today (Saturday) finally feeling like a runner again, 6 K then lots of ice followed by 2K hike with the dogs still feeling great. I hope I am still feeling great tomorrow. Dont want to get too far behind with training.


Have a great long weekend!


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