If your goals don’t scare you they aren’t big enough

Currently in training for:

BMO Vancouver Marathon in May. Will be running the marathon a day before my 27th birthday, run 26.2 on one of my last days as a 26 year old, sounds pretty fun 🙂

I am planning on dedicating each mile to somebody that was important to me each year, I think it will be special and I predict some happy tears a few times over the finish line.

The month after the marathon is Tough Mudder – Whistler. My boyfriend and I will be volunteering Saturday and running Sunday!

Also two half marathons are scheduled one in March and one in June about two weeks before TM. The one if June is my local Edge to Edge with a newly redesigned course! I would love to break two hours in my local race. 🙂



Recent trip to the beach, Cokely was happy to be the tallest dog. She has a great big smile!




30 Before 30

I am goal orientated, I feel lost an confused if I don’t have a goal. And after watching this Ted talk, I want my last few years of my 20s to be a  life changing adventure so why not start a 20’s bucket list.

I will be 30 on May 6 2017, and as a complete items on my bucket list I will blog them and link up to the page if anybody is interested in following along with my adventures.

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