Old school bloging

I love reading Blogs, I find my self scrolling thru my feedly when ever I have some down time. And I am hoping to get in to blogging my self more. Three blogs I love have done this post, so I thought, eh? It wont be too creepy if I follow along….hopefully. So thanks ladies! Olive To Run, Skinny Chick Blog, and Love Life Surf
Your hair? Is short again and I love it…Just cause I hate brushing my hair, now I don’t need to..Awesome!
Your mother?  Is one of my favourite people, I look forward to our weekly hikes with our dogs…I keep this picture at my desk, it makes me happy.
Your father? Also one of my favorite people, I am very close with my family, he doesn’t come on hikes as often as he should.

Your hair? I think the picture says it all.
Your favorite thing? My family, Nick, My pets and being active, I can’t sit still. How I ended up as an accountant chained to my desk baffles me.
Your dream last night? I had a dream I was at Disneyland. Nick and I are going on a surf/snowboard trip to California next month and yesterday he said yes to Disneyland. I am excited 🙂
Your favorite drink? Coffee!
Your dream/goal? To travel more, finish my CGA and to live in the molment.
The room you are in? Living room, compressing and icing from an awesome trail run this afternoon
Your fear? Losing Nick
Where do you want to be in six years? Healthy and happy. With Nick and our dogs maybe a cat but I doubt it (Nick is allergic) and hopefully living in a new town starting a new adventure
Where were you last night? On the couch watching Blackfish
What are you not? Someone who is negative or doesn’t like animals
Muffins? = Calorie Bomb
One of your wish list items? New running tights, mine are falling down!
Where you grew up? Sproat Lake, Represent!
The last thing you did? Just drank the most amazing after run snak, protein powder with almond milk egg nog, yum!
What are you wearing? Pink comression socks and PJs.
Your TV? Is for watching movies!
Your pets? Tahoe and Cokely, they are part of the family and I can’t remember life with out them.
Your computer? Work compter and home computer, too many screens in my life. That’s part of why I love getting out and running or hiking every day, its an escape from screens
Your life? Is dynamic and fun
Your mood? Is happy.
Missing someone? My family even though I just saw them today for a beach hike
Your Car? Is a Honda Element and I love it
Something you are not wearing? Jeans, its comfy clothing time.
Favorite store?  Lululemon
Your summer? Was really fun, I loved training for a fall half marathon, camping, sailing and SUPing.
Like someone? Most of the people I meet
Your favorite colorPink
When was the last time you laughed? Today on my hike, multiple times.
Last time you cried? The other day
What is one thing on your To-Do list?  Try to blog more!