Old school bloging

I love reading Blogs, I find my self scrolling thru my feedly when ever I have some down time. And I am hoping to get in to blogging my self more. Three blogs I love have done this post, so I thought, eh? It wont be too creepy if I follow along….hopefully. So thanks ladies! Olive To Run, Skinny Chick Blog, and Love Life Surf
Your hair? Is short again and I love it…Just cause I hate brushing my hair, now I don’t need to..Awesome!
Your mother?  Is one of my favourite people, I look forward to our weekly hikes with our dogs…I keep this picture at my desk, it makes me happy.
Your father? Also one of my favorite people, I am very close with my family, he doesn’t come on hikes as often as he should.

Your hair? I think the picture says it all.
Your favorite thing? My family, Nick, My pets and being active, I can’t sit still. How I ended up as an accountant chained to my desk baffles me.
Your dream last night? I had a dream I was at Disneyland. Nick and I are going on a surf/snowboard trip to California next month and yesterday he said yes to Disneyland. I am excited 🙂
Your favorite drink? Coffee!
Your dream/goal? To travel more, finish my CGA and to live in the molment.
The room you are in? Living room, compressing and icing from an awesome trail run this afternoon
Your fear? Losing Nick
Where do you want to be in six years? Healthy and happy. With Nick and our dogs maybe a cat but I doubt it (Nick is allergic) and hopefully living in a new town starting a new adventure
Where were you last night? On the couch watching Blackfish
What are you not? Someone who is negative or doesn’t like animals
Muffins? = Calorie Bomb
One of your wish list items? New running tights, mine are falling down!
Where you grew up? Sproat Lake, Represent!
The last thing you did? Just drank the most amazing after run snak, protein powder with almond milk egg nog, yum!
What are you wearing? Pink comression socks and PJs.
Your TV? Is for watching movies!
Your pets? Tahoe and Cokely, they are part of the family and I can’t remember life with out them.
Your computer? Work compter and home computer, too many screens in my life. That’s part of why I love getting out and running or hiking every day, its an escape from screens
Your life? Is dynamic and fun
Your mood? Is happy.
Missing someone? My family even though I just saw them today for a beach hike
Your Car? Is a Honda Element and I love it
Something you are not wearing? Jeans, its comfy clothing time.
Favorite store?  Lululemon
Your summer? Was really fun, I loved training for a fall half marathon, camping, sailing and SUPing.
Like someone? Most of the people I meet
Your favorite colorPink
When was the last time you laughed? Today on my hike, multiple times.
Last time you cried? The other day
What is one thing on your To-Do list?  Try to blog more!


If your goals don’t scare you they aren’t big enough

Currently in training for:

BMO Vancouver Marathon in May. Will be running the marathon a day before my 27th birthday, run 26.2 on one of my last days as a 26 year old, sounds pretty fun 🙂

I am planning on dedicating each mile to somebody that was important to me each year, I think it will be special and I predict some happy tears a few times over the finish line.

The month after the marathon is Tough Mudder – Whistler. My boyfriend and I will be volunteering Saturday and running Sunday!

Also two half marathons are scheduled one in March and one in June about two weeks before TM. The one if June is my local Edge to Edge with a newly redesigned course! I would love to break two hours in my local race. 🙂



Recent trip to the beach, Cokely was happy to be the tallest dog. She has a great big smile!



Blogging is not an easy habit!

Blogging isn’t any easy habit, I figured detailing my training plan would be a good way to jump start this blog….Nope totally didn’t happen…

The race did, and went well! Wahoo! My unofficial time was a PR but my chip time wasn’t. A port poty stop with a slight line did me in about 10 mins 😦

Hopefully I can use this blog to help with my Pile on the Miles challenge and a way to record the memories of training for my first marathon!  My first full will be the BMO Vancouver in the spring and I am super excited! 



Week 7 Half Marathon Training Plan

Saturday Aug 17 – 10k
Sunday Aug 18 – 16k
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 45mins
Wednesday – 40 min tempo run
Thursday – 30 – 40 mins easy
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Pyramid Workout

Usual three days strength training.  Phew!

I have my training schedule printed and have been writing so many notes on it about how each run has gone time ect cetra and lost it! I had it yesterday I believe when I was writing down my strength training plans, now its lost 😦

I prefer using paper and pen to record my progress but will try the internet and see how it goes.

Have a nice weekend!

30 Before 30

I am goal orientated, I feel lost an confused if I don’t have a goal. And after watching this Ted talk, I want my last few years of my 20s to be a  life changing adventure so why not start a 20’s bucket list.

I will be 30 on May 6 2017, and as a complete items on my bucket list I will blog them and link up to the page if anybody is interested in following along with my adventures.

Click here to see the page, or use top navigation 🙂


Good Luck for a Good Life

I have been in training for the Good Life Victoria Half Marathon, I am training with the end goal of two hours or faster. I would love to sub two hours, my PR is at 2.10 on a very hilly half. This has been feeling like a challenging yet obtainable goal.

Until Monday’s run when a few minuets in to the run I had to stop in extreme pain, I tried to walk it off but no luck. I decided to finish my 45 mins of scheduled running on the elliptical. Got home and hoped some ice, heat, massage, Advil and arnica would have me back to normal. No Luck!

Tuesdays run was a disaster, right away horrible pain and burning on the injured foot. Ended up walking home. Decided to call the Physio Therapist and made an appointment Thursday.

Wednesday, didn’t even try to run as walking was still painful. Decided on going kayaking .

Thursday, got to see the Physio! Was so nervous I would have a goal ending injury, lucky for me it is just an inflamed ligament. Wahoo! Called this a rest day, left Physio with a taped foot but feeling good.


Friday, did a half hour slow run with some mild pain.

Today (Saturday) finally feeling like a runner again, 6 K then lots of ice followed by 2K hike with the dogs still feeling great. I hope I am still feeling great tomorrow. Dont want to get too far behind with training.


Have a great long weekend!